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International Banana Festival!!

Hi, everyone!! Today’s topic is bananas!! First of all, Happy Banana Festival Day!! So…bananas are a fruit (that is botanically a berry) that are used as dessert bananas. In certain countries when used for cooking they could be called “plantains”. Bananas are great for breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack, dinner, and just about anything!! Here are some delicious banana recipes to start or end your day perfectly.

Banana Nut Pancakes for breakfast:

Banana Roll French Toast for breakfast:

Jibarito recipe for lunch

Banana Chocolate Chip Cake Bites for dessert:

Caribbean Banana Muffins for dessert:

Banana Cinnamon Roll Casserole for dessert:

And like always, I found another recipe that has NOTHING to do with bananas,

Double Crust Stuffed Pizza:

Thank you for reading!! Ily guys!!

Published by jewelbelle

Hi, everyone!! I'm a girl who enjoys dancing, and I do ballet, tap, jazz, and lyrical. I also enjoy fashion, cooking, and reading. Check out my blogs if you want to, I've placed the links to all of my blogs below. I hope you have an amazing day!! Lysm!!

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